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After five years of restauration, the golden coach is ready to drive through the streets again. Will it still be the eye-catcher on prince's day? Or does it belong in a museum?

This richly illustrated book tells significant and surprising stories about the Golden Coach in an accessible way. What are its origins, and what did people hope to achieve with it? How has the royal vehicle been used since? What symbolism is incorporated in it? And why, since it was first conceived in 1896, has it been the subject of recurring discussion and protest?

Renowned authors and young talents produced new research on the meticulous restoration, the ceremonial aspects, and the different meanings of the Golden Coach, including the highly contentious panel, Tribute from the Colonies. Showpiece, national icon, symbol of colonialism: the royal carriage is examined from every angle.

With contributions by Judikje Kiers, Margriet Schavemaker, Annemarie de Wildt, Lise Havermans-Steyn, Maria Rey-Lamslag, Irene Stengs, Karwan Fatah-Black, and Ghanima Kowsoleea, among others.

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