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This page is intended for the press. Here you will find press releases, information about our museum, information about requesting a press visit and photo and visual material.

For all your questions and requests you can contact the press department of the Amsterdam Museum (if necessary also outside office hours).

Kim Koopman k.koopman@amsterdammuseum.nl +31 (0)6 22 92 77 29

General: pr@amsterdammuseum.nl

Press releases Golden Coach 2021:

23.06.2021 Hedendaagse kunst grote rol in tentoonstelling De Gouden Koets

23.06.2021 Contemporary art takes spotlight in Golden Coach exhibition

17.06.2021 Tentoonstelling Gouden Koets geopend door Koning

17.06.2021 Exhibition The Golden Coach opened by the King

10.03.2021 Amsterdam Museum presenteert tentoonstelling Gouden Koets

10.03.2021 Amsterdam Museum presents The Golden Coach Exhibition

10.03.2021 Persbeelden tentoonstelling De Gouden Koets

10.03.2021 Press photos exhibition The Golden Coach

01.05.2021 Brochure tentoonstelling De Gouden Koets

01.05.2021 Brochure exhibition The Golden Coach

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