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Painted Series
Tabledress Amsterdam: The coronation of an orphan girl (2021)

A Painted Series Tabledress is a monumental tablecloth that overflows in the bodice of a dress. Tabledress Amsterdam is inspired by the orphan girls who lived and worked here when this building still housed the City Orphanage. At the time, the orphan girl’s hands and those of many other anonymous women embroidered the interior of the Golden Coach. Tabledress Amsterdam is an ode to them.

Over multiple sessions at the museum, the dress will be embroidered by people from different parts of the city. A lively conversation emerges from their collective effort. Everyone who participates is equal and learns from each other. Handicraft techniques have been passed on and applied in a modern way. The Tabledress will be unveiled and presented in the performance Table Speech Amsterdam. With this artwork, a single orphan girl steps out of the shadow of anonymity to be crowned by today’s hands, each leaving their own handwriting.

Painted Series is a fashion collective headed by fashion designer Saskia van Drimmelen (Zwijndrecht, Netherlands 1968) and director Margreet Sweerts (Oss, Netherlands 1959). With sharp, contemporary couture in which handicraft techniques are especially honored, Painted Series explores new ways to develop and disseminate fashion. Playing with the lines between fashion and performance and the idea of what a garment can be.

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