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A selection of contemporary artists created a work for the exhibition The Golden Coach that focuses on the relationship with the coach. The works are on display in the Amsterdam Gallery in the Amsterdam Museum.


AiRich sees the panel Tribute to the Colonies as a misleading and "softened" version of history.

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Using earth and seeds, Arahmaiani made a mandala: a concentric diagram that symbolizes the universe and has spiritual and ritual significance for Buddhists.

Berend Strik & Sharelly Emanuelson

From their diametrically different backgrounds, Berend Strik and Sharelly Emanuelson entered into a collaboration.

Bernard Akoi-Jackson

In an interactive installation in the Regentenkamer, fact and fiction are intertwined and visitors can undergo an "alchemical" transformation into gold via a short crash course in Dutch and world history.

Brian Elstak

Following the concept of Elstak's series L.O.B.I. ARCADE, in which wooden computer cases form the canvas, he transformed the Golden Coach into an arcade racing game.

Danielle Hoogendoorn

On We are not cattle we see a small yellow carriage pulled by four black horses.

Erwin Olaf

Erwin Olaf is fascinated by the ritual and tradition of the monarchy with its pomp and circumstance, colorful uniforms and traditional protocol.

Painted Series

A Tabledress by Painted Series is a monumental tablecloth flared into the bodice of a dress.

Iswanto Hartono

Indonesian artist Iswanto Hartono was inspired for his installation Colonies by the panel Tribute to the Colonies on the left side of the Golden Coach.

Nelson Carrilho

Before the Golden Coach was hoisted into the Amsterdam Museum, sculptor Nelson Carrilho dedicated the courtyard with a ritual African dance, the Dance of Creation.

Raul Balai

Usually, the stable master selects which eight "purebred" Friesian or Gelderlander carriage horses from the Royal Stables pull the Golden Coach. Balai's span is a nod to this selection in which 'breed' is important.

Sarah van Sonsbeeck

The Golden Coach could be seen as a "golden pedestal" for the monarchy, argues Sarah van Sonsbeeck. Gold has been associated for centuries with wealth, power and purity.

Serana Angelista

On the screen, a carriage passes by. The tracks the carriage leaves behind become deeper and more apparent after each round trip. They form the contour of Curaçao.

Sithabile Mlotshwa

The installation reflects on the Golden Coach as a symbol of Dutch glory and colonial empire.

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