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The Golden Coach is coming to the Amsterdam Museum. On June 18, 2021, the museum will open the exhibition De Gouden Koets. After five years of restoration, this iconic carriage is on display again to the public for the first time. The exhibition shows special stories from various angles, from the history of the creation to the use of the Golden Coach. In the run-up to and during the exhibition, we use a mobile research installation to investigate the relationship that the Dutch have with this royal vehicle. We invite everyone to share thoughts and views on the Golden Coach.

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What do you want to know about the Golden Coach?

Why do we have a Golden Coach? And who actually owns the carriage? Who is officially allowed to ride in it?

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"I always get really excited when I see the Golden Coach"
- Annabella
"The Golden Coach may continue to exist, but in a museum"
- Jordi
What's next for the Golden Coach?

The Golden Coach evokes a variety of emotions and opinions. What does that mean for its future?

“I'm shocked, disappointed and really surprised by these images”
- Thelma
"I have no opinion about the Golden Coach but I like the royal family because we have a foreigner as queen."
- Ayman
What's your view on the Golden Coach?

Old-fashioned? Fairytale-like? Colonial? There are a variety of views on the Golden Coach. We try to gather as many as we can.

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