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Female figures

The four female figures on the roof of the carriage carry a cushion with the regalia on it, objects that represent the power and dignity of the monarch. The king's crown represents the sovereignty of the kingdom, or the fact that there is no higher power. The scepter symbolizes the king's authority and the imperial apple the territory. The imperial sword represents the power of the king. The Dutch regalia were made in 1840 for the inauguration of King William II (1792-1849).

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Amsterdam Museum

The Golden Coach is coming to the Amsterdam Museum! For the first time since the major restoration that began in 2015, it can be viewed again. Amsterdammers donated the Golden Coach to the young Queen Wilhelmina for her inauguration in 1898. Soon, the carriage will be on display again in the city where it was made: in Amsterdam. From June 18, 2021 to February 27, 2022.

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The exhibition is only accessible with an online e-ticket and time slot. You can only reserve these via this website, or amsterdammuseum.nl. No tickets are sold at the box office due to corona. Order your ticket in time to be sure of a date and time that suits you.

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Public Program

The Amsterdam Museum has put together a multi-faceted public program to accompany this exhibition. Together with many inspiring guests, we will enter into a dialogue about all aspects of the history and use of the Golden Coach. Read, listen, watch and talk with us in the museum or online.

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Public Research

The Amsterdam Museum is organizing a large-scale public survey about the Golden Coach. In this survey we ask people from all over the Netherlands how they view the Golden Coach. Navigate to this part of the website to find out what the Netherlands think of the Golden Coach.


Discover and share all the experiences surrounding the Golden Coach with the hashtag #GoudenKoets.

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